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A while back I took one of those online tests to determine the size of my carbon footprint and boy was it way off scale. I was flying every week on business, driving everywhere and generally producing way too much CO2 to call myself Eco friendly.

It was time to ask myself some serious questions. However, at the same time I had some serious doubts about what the results were saying about my lifestyle. I couldn’t quite get the idea that I should give up all the things I had become accustomed to lower my Carbon Footprint! My business required that I fly to different countries in order to carry my work out on site. I could hardly car share to a business on short notice nor cycle with a suitcase on my back. The only green thing I was doing was re-using my Hotel towels - the calculator didn’t give me any points for that!

There must be millions of people like myself who for financial reasons can’t give up what they are doing without suffering in the process.  There had to be another way! After all, why should we give up the progress already made?

It is in our nature to move forward - shouldn’t we just find better ways of doing things?

Of course, and it’s up to us individuals to take the initiative. Rely on governments and it really will be all too late.

It’s time for what I like to call a green revolution. A  time when we as individuals assume responsibility for our planet’s condition and take appropriate action to fix the problems we have collectively caused.

That we must halt Global Warming is without doubt paramount. However, living an Eco friendly life is so much more than that. It’s about ending our dependence on conglomerates who hold us to ransom over our basic needs for a quick profit. It’s about reducing pollution and creating a cleaner environment. It’s about living healthy and rewarding lifestyles and preserving our environment so that future generations can enjoy.

Let’s work together to create a greener Eco friendly world.

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