The Tipping Point - When we Dump our Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Whether we like it or not everyone of us is affected by the depletion of fossil fuel resources. And in the long term this can only mean one thing - rising prices! Gasoline, once considered less valuable than water and the most plentiful fuel available is set to become more expensive than wine! And that is just our car. What about our home?

The majority of us rely on the grid for our energy needs and until recently have taken things for granted. Increasing prices were generally in line with inflation. The only outages were due to industrial action or grid failure and all in all everything seemed pretty much as it should be. Until now that is!

The cost of our energy has risen so much in recent times that it has become more cost effective to re-open old and disused mines than import fossil fuels from abroad. Anything locally sourced is of course always better for our environment but what can we really expect to gain from such action? A few more years of not being entirely dependent on other countries for our energy?

Today, we are in a sticky situation. It’s unfortunate that most of the worlds fossil fuels come from developing yet volatile countries. Places with entirely different viewpoints and political agendas to those in the West. It would not take much to plunge the world into an energy crisis!

It won’t be long before we are seeing outages for reasons other than those given above. In certain parts of the world electricity is cut off for long periods of the day because the resources are simply not available at affordable prices.  If fossil fuel prices keep rising, an inevitable result of global depletion, not only will we be faced with huge bills, we will experience more and more outages.

Is this something we should just accept?

The trouble with big business, the grid and the world in general is a propensity for short term thinking. Nothing is actually done about the enviroment or the depletion of fossil fuel resources while the consumer keeps paying the bills. The short term solution is to tax us even more but the easy solution is not always the best.

The only thing for it is, for individuals to take action themselves and become free of high fossil fuel costs and third party interference!

If enough people were to build their own form of power source we may see big changes in corporate thinking. As with most big changes in the world we need to reach a tipping point before any major action is taken by big business or government. After all, it’s not in their interest for us all to be self sufficient. How would they be able to interfere?

The good thing for the environment is that we are not about to find a coal mine in our back yard. Instead of fossil fuels we can use sustainable resources like solar energy, wind energy or bio-fuels. The old saying ‘Kill two birds with one stone’ comes to mind. We save both money and the environment!

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